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about us

who is bombay reels?

bombay reels is a creative studio. brainchild of seher sharma, our studio is founded with a strong belief in the power of media as both a medium for entertainment and a tool for change and liberation.

our passionate team wants to help you define your brand’s philosophy and reason for being and tell its authentic story through soulful media pieces and experiences.

we collaborate with cinematographers, strategists, market researchers, visualizers and other creative professionals who will augment our team’s work in telling the world about your work and vision.

what do we do?

we are a video-first marketing studio, helping you articulate your brand’s purpose and authentic message, and share it with your customers and stakeholders both on and off their screens. be it your day-to-day social media content or corporate films for your website, we craft all your media pieces.

and here's what we don't do:

who do we love to work with?